About Us

Established in 1967, Halso UK Fuels Ltd are recognised as one of the country’s experts in Petroleum, Gas & Oil supply and distribution.

With our excellent customer service, we supply all manner of gas oil, diesel, home heating oil, etc., to Industrial, Commercial and Domestic customers alike. Each of our customers receives the highest quality product with unrivalled service at a reasonable price.

Our Company History

Little did Sid Osborn know when he commenced Halso trading in 1967 from a caravan on the airfield in Lichfield that it would grow to be the thriving business it is today.

The name Halso is derived from the names of the three founding parties Bill Allen, Sid Osborn and one other. From modest beginnings, the family run business has grown from strength to strength progressing from a caravan to the wooden huts which still exist to the current modern offices and is renowned for its customer care and service which remains second to none.

Halso has been affiliated with Total Oil since its inception in 1967 and the relationship is still as strong today as it has ever been, thus ensuring stability and consistency. The longevity of this association is highly unusual these days and proves to be a testament to the integrity and trustworthiness of Halso in its business dealings throughout.

A very proud family business with high standards, working into its third generation at this stage, Halso has retained its personal service to all its customers; starting in 1967 with farmers (who often brought their livestock along to make an order!) to the large corporations it serves today. Whatever your requirement may be; commercial or domestic, be assured that Halso will provide you with exceptional care and service. The team at Halso look forward to serving their customers for many years to come improving continually along the way.

There is a story of a headless pilot who haunts the airfield and its surrounding area whose presence has been felt by a number of the Halso staff who take comfort in their belief that he guides their drivers safely back from each delivery.