Premium Kerosene


Winter is coming – are you prepared?

With the winter nights drawing in and the temperatures sure to plummet pretty soon, it’s time to make sure you don’t get caught-out with low or no home heating fuel. It is also very important that your home heating equipment is in optimum condition, so you don’t have to suffer any days or nights in the cold.

Halso can help you with this with our new Halso Premium Kerosene, which not only gives you better performance, it also keeps your equipment and tank in prime condition, so you don’t suffer any unnecessary break-downs.

Tank Sludge Build-up

Over time, small black particles will start to form in your tank. These are caused by temperature changes, mainly due to sunlight and Summer temperatures. As these particles increase in size, they fall to the bottom of your tank. This does not cause a problem until the deposits become so heavy, that they form a sludge, which in-turn can have the effect of blocking the in-line filters, as the sludge is stirred-up, during tank re-fill. Halso Premium Kerosene not only prevents these black particles from forming, but also works to reduce the existing sludge deposits in your tank, over time.

Boiler Jet Blockage and Soot Build-up

The same black particles that form the sludge build-up in the bottom of your tank, are also resposible for creating blockages in your boiler jetting system, reducing the fuel spray to a fine line, creating really in-efficient boiler running. In turn, smaller (soft) particles that do pass through the nozzle are then deposited in the boiler’s heat exchanger, making is less efficient at transferring heat in to the water passing through.

In summary, Halso Premium Kerosene give you the following benefits:-

  • 5% plus savings on running costs
  • Lowers carbon emissions
  • Stabilises fuel – increases its shelf life
  • Inhibits sludge formation and works to reduce existing sludge
  • Protects the important elements within your boiler
  • Prevents boiler jet blockages and poor running

What’s more, with the price of domestic kerosene being at its lowest rate in recent years, Halso Premium Kerosene will cost much less than you think.

If you are looking to the Best Price, Cheapest Price and Lowest Price for Standard and Premium Kerosene, give us a call for a quote now.