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What is Gas Oil – or Diesel Fuel, as it is commonly known?

Gas oil is one of a family of heavy oils made from the fractional distillation of petroleum. Gas oil can be used for heating or automotive applications, where it is called ‘diesel fuel’. It is also sometimes referred to as ’35 second oil’.

Why is Red Diesel Red?

Gas oil or ‘red diesel’ is the diesel fuel for commercial, industrial and agricultural off-road vehicles & machinery that are exempt from Excise Duty.

Why red? Gas oil for use in vehicles such as tractors, tippers or mowers, is taxed less than the diesel (white diesel) used in ordinary road vehicles. A red dye is added to allow inspectors to identify that it is being used correctly.

Halso Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

All red diesel supplied by Halso conforms to the latest British Standard BS 2869:2010. It satisfies all current European legislation by having a sulphur
content of 10ppm or less, and containing up to 7% by volume of biodiesel. By ordering gas oil from

Halso, you can help reduce emissions and save non-renewable fuel sources.

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We offer national or local same day, next day and emergency on-site delivery of gas oil to ensure your business runs without interruption. We will supply any size of order using 200 litre drums for small quantities, to large bulk deliveries using our fleet of road tankers. Our mini tankers are particularly good for sites with limited or difficult access.

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