Here at Halso UK Fuels Ltd, all of our diesel comes direct from the refinery to ensure our customers receive the very highest quality and standards for their vehicles. We also have our own on site storage tanks specifically made for us by OTS. These tanks hold up to 540,000 litres to ensure you have peace of mind that even if a strike or disaster were to occur, unlike other suppliers, we can guarantee your deliveries will continue.

Diesel, also known as derv, white diesel, road diesel and ULSD, is suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine, such as trucks, cars and vans

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) is an environmentally friendly fuel, with substantially lowered sulphur contents. It is carefully blended to give specific features such as quick starting and reduced deposits. Since 2006, almost all diesel fuel available in Europe is of a ULSD type.

Our independence and volumes gives us the ability to make cost effective purchases and enable us to pass the savings on to you, guaranteeing the lowest prices possible.  Halso sell diesel in quantities ranging from 200 – 36,000 litres anywhere in the UK.

Things you may not know about Diesel

The word “diesel” is derived from the German inventor Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel who invented the diesel engine.

Diesel fuel differs from gasoline in several ways:

  • Diesel is composed of larger hydrocarbon molecules, which have higher boiling points
  • Diesel is much less prone to evaporation
  • Diesel has a considerably higher ‘energy density’

The price of diesel usually rises during the winter time as demand for heating oil rises, which is refined in a very similar way to diesel.

Fuel quality regulations specify that additional refining is required to lower sulphur contents, which can also contribute to a higher cost.

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