Halso Forecourt

Struggling to fuel your car?

We thought we should let you know that there is NOT a supply issue for fuel at all, there is a driver shortage in the UK, which is causing a minor supply issue to SOME  retail garages – what will cause supply issues is people panic buying fuel.

At our Head Office, we have retail pumps that supply White Diesel (DERV) and Super Unleaded Petrol (RON 97). We only usually cater for staff and a few customers but due to the situation we are in at the moment, we have decided that the retail pumps will be open for the general public.



Diesel (Derv)

1.20ppl + VAT

(Correct on 01/10/2021)

Super Unleaded Petrol

Super Unleaded Petrol

1.30ppl + VAT

(Correct on 01/10/2021)

Forecort Fueling Process

Step 1 | Enter the main yard

Enter our yard from the main entrance. You will be greeted by a friendly member of the Halso Staff Team.

Step 2 | Collect your Slip

Collect your slip. Keep hold of this and hand it to the Staff member fueling your car.

They will write down how many litres you have had and sign for fuel delivery.

Step 3 | Pay at Reception 

Take your slip to reception to pay for your fuel. You can pay by cash or by card.

(Please note that credit card payments will include an admin fee) 

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